The Paschal Lamb

9781451494099bby James Biery (Augsburg Fortress , 2014)

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Easter Settings for Organ: settings of hymntunes Cardinal, Kingdom, Mfurahini, haleluya, My Neighbor, Nelson, Promise, Raabe, and Santo Domingo

This set of pieces was written at the request of Norma Aamodt-Nelson, who wrote shortly before Holy Week 2014 suggesting that “it would be lovely to have a new collection by you in the works.” After picking myself up from the floor when I heard that the deadline would be just a few weeks away, I realized that this would be the perfect way to release pent-up creativity during the week after Easter. Norma suggested most of the tunes, concentrating on newer tunes that have appeared in recent hymnals such as Evangelical Lutheran Worship and the new Presbyterian hymnal, Glory to God.