From Doubt to Faith

A Chancel Opera in One Act, Based on John 20:24-29

Music composIMG_0607 croppeded by James Biery, ASCAP

Text written by Marilyn Biery, ASCAP, with Henry Alford’s “We Walk By Faith” and narrated text from the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible

The story of Thomas the Twin and his turning from doubt to faith, written for and first performed at Grosse Pointe Memorial Church, Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan, April 3, 2016

The singer-actors bring to life the emotional and compelling story of Thomas and the disciples, while the choir sings the words of the risen Christ and expresses the listener’s reaction to Thomas’ story. The piece ends with all of the cast – and the audience – singing a powerful statement of faith.

What is needed:

  • Four or Five Solo Singers (a mix of high and medium voices)
  • Narrator (spoken)
  • SATB Chorus
  • Chamber orchestra of Flute, Horn, Strings, Piano, and Percussion (can be successfully played by an ensemble of only 9 players, or the piano reduction may be used)
  • May be performed with or without costumes and lighting; no sets required
  • Performance time is 25 minutes; designed to be performed during a church service
  • The congregation participates in singing the final hymn-like chorus

The music makes modest demands on the singers and can be prepared in a few rehearsals. Likewise, the instrumental parts can be performed by either professional or talented amateur players.

Contact us for more information and a free perusal score: james (at) bierymusic (dot) com

Comments from the premiere performance:


“A very moving telling of a familiar story”

“An amazing score and message”

“One of the most moving experiences I’ve ever had”

“A true gem”